Saturday, August 4, 2012

Little Girl in the Rocking Chair

The old wooden house was entirely abandoned. I was seeking something – what it was, I'm not sure. I climbed up the stairs, checking each room... I could hear muttering, strange muttering in the distance that I couldn't understand. I began to feel uneasy, but I couldn't stop my searching. I opened the door, and there she was, in the corner. She was only maybe five years old, hidden behind a curtain of dark hair so that I couldn't see her face. She was sitting on a pretty little pink rocking chair with yellow painted butterflies on the side... just rocking, back and forth. She was speaking backwards. I couldn't understand anything. The room was dark and sheer white curtains quivered in the icy breeze from the open window. I was paralyzed with fear as she continued speaking – it was as though I couldn't move. Then, I heard a hundred little shrieks behind me. Bats. She was commanding them in her small voice, speaking backwards to them, telling them to tear into my flesh. They did. My screaming was drowned out by theirs as I fell to the ground and they bit and ripped into me. She rocked calmly in place, no longer speaking, letting them feast.

This is an open contest.  If you would like to submit artwork for this dream, click "Submit Artwork" on the right side of the screen.  Be sure to mention the name "Little Girl in the Rocking Chair" somewhere in your email.  Leave comments for the author in the comments section below.  Submitted by Anna.

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