Submit Artwork

Submitting artwork keeps this blog going and makes the whole process of sharing dreams much more fun for everyone!  To submit yours, just send an email to with this information:

1) The dream you're submitting this to.

2) Your name/alias.  You can choose to submit anonymously, but if you do so, please let me know.  I'd hate to submit something anonymously when you actually want credit for it!

3) Your website/deviantart account/general place on the internet for your art.  I'll put this with your picture and your name so that when people see it on the site, they have the opportunity to see more of your work!  This is completely optional.

4) A JPG or PNG of your artwork.  If there's any other format you'd like to submit in for some reason (like you're making a video, etc.), just shoot me an email.

Thanks for submitting!

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