Saturday, August 4, 2012

Snow White, Revisited

Snow White stood at the very edge of a cliff, surrounded by the crumbling pillars of the castle that once stood there. The chasm before her was deep and endless, rocks jutting towards the sky dangerously below her. Her eyes shone with her newfound strength as the wind tangled in her once jet black hair. No trace of black remained; instead, her hair was a deep forest green, a product of her transformation. No longer did the naïve and innocent Snow White cower in fear of her powerful stepmother. No, Snow White was now powerful herself.

Arms raised toward the dark sky, she focused on the dark hovering object before her – the instrument of her power. Floating in the air was a dark chandelier of sorts, throwing an eerie purplish light over her and the ground beneath her feet. It was through this that she siphoned her power from the skies. It was through this that she would be able to defeat her evil stepmother. Stripping herself of her innocence, she instead donned a cloak of sheer power. A small part of her feared that she would be consumed by it, but a larger part of her embraced it. She would no longer be hated for her beauty, but for her strength.

This is an open contest.  If you would like to submit artwork for this dream, click "Submit Artwork" on the right side of the screen.  Be sure to mention the name "Snow White, Revisited" somewhere in your email.  Leave comments for the author in the comments section below.  Submitted by Kelly.

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