About the Project

Drawing Your Dream is a project aimed to help both writers and artists improve themselves and get their work seen. The general concept is that writers describe a scene from a dream that they've had, and artists try to capture that scene as accurately and creatively as possible. Once all the submissions are in, a vote takes place, and the winning artist finds him or herself in the Winner's Gallery, along with a short bio and information on where to buy or see more of his or her artwork. It is a good way for artists to not only get exposure, but to challenge themselves.

Why dreams? Dreams are almost magical things, where nothing makes sense. Although they may be vivid to us – almost real, even – it's rarely something that can truly be shared with others. It takes a skilled writer to take that very solitary experience and put it into words well enough that another person can envision it. Writers can get a true sense of their descriptive powers by comparing what they saw in their sleep to what an artist comes up with based on their description.

If you've had a dream recently that you'd like to see come to life, click here to submit one.

If you're an artist and you'd like to take on drawing someone's dream, and maybe even make it into the Winner's Gallery, check out the Open Contests page on the right and pick one! Then send your artwork to drawingyourdream@gmail.com.  Make sure to name the dream you're submitting it for!

ALL kinds of visual artwork are accepted. Just send a photo or video of your final product.

NOTE:  I give artists three days to submit work for a dream before I post any of them.  This is to make voting fair for everyone.  You'll get an email letting you know when your artwork is up and the contest is open for voting!  Voting then goes on for 24 hours before a winner is announced.

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